Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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    Young lady gets her hearing restored through Cochlear Implantation

    A 45-year old lady from Yemen Country ,presented with a history of hearing impairment. She was suffering for the last 10 years. She was using hearing aids for both the ears. But over a period of time, her hearing deteriorated to such an extent that she suffered from a severe loss of hearing and no benefit from hearing aids. She was able to follow only through lip reading.

    She got to know of Medicover Hospitals and approached  our ENT & Head-Neck Surgeon Consultant, Dr Sampurna Ghosh who adviced Cochlear Implant surgery. The surgery was performed and she received an implant on one ear. 

    After one month of therapy she is very happy to get hearing back to normal. She is able to take part in verbal communication.

    In India Cochlear implant is more common in congenital hearing loss for children. Until now adult cochlear implants have not been very popular here. Cochlear implant is promising when the hearing loss is very severe and beyond the scope of normal hearing aids. It is a safe surgery also for geriatric population who suffers from age related hearing loss. 

    Dr. Sampurna Ghosh said that Cochlear implant can be the greatest gift to elderly people with profound hearing impairment who are not comfortable with hearing aids.

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