Monday, May 16, 2022

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    Woman escapes unhurt as train passes over her

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    Kolkata, Jan 11 (IANS) A middle-aged woman miraculously escaped unhurt on Monday when she lay down on her stomach between the railway tracks as a goods train passed over her near Purulia station in West Bengal.

    The woman was passing by an unmanned crossing when she saw the goods train coming on the same track.
    However, not losing her composure, she instantly lay down on her stomach between the railway tracks.
    After the train passed, locals rescued her and found to their surprise that she was virtually unhurt, save a slight nose injury caused by a stone flung up due to the speeding train’s momentum.
    “She wanted to catch a train to Jamshedpur and while crossing the railway tracks, she slightly slipped and noticed that a goods train was coming from the other side. So she immediately lay down on the track,” a witness told media persons.
    “When we rescued her, we found that she was unharmed,” the man added.
    “She is all right and has already left for Jamshedpur by train,” Purulia station manager Amitabh Majumder said.

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