Will pay in one go or easy installments: Chhetri to Kohli

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New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) Impressed with Virat Kohli’s ability to hit perfect free-kick, India football team captain Sunil Chhetri asked India cricket team captain to pay up for lessons in a friendly banter.

“Saare coaching sessions ka ek hi invoice bheju, ya aasan kishton mein chukaoge, champ? [emoticon: winking face] (Shall I send one invoice for all coaching lessons or will you pay in easy installments),” Chhetri quote-tweeted the video posted by Kohli.

Kohli, whose football skills are no secret, had displayed his ability to hit perfect free-kicks on social media in an accidental crossbar challenge. The India skipper, struck a pile-driver from outside the box and struck crossbar as the goalkeeper stretched to stop it.

The 32-year-old covered his face in his palms in disbelief soon after.

Kohli wrote on his Instagram and twitter accounts, “Accidental crossbar challenge [emoticon: smiling face].”

Raj Kumar Sharma, who groomed Kohli in his junior days, told IANS on Wednesday, “He was always a good and competitive football player. I remember when we used to warm up ahead of practice at our academy, Kohli would prefer football over running around the field. Even though it used to be warm-up, Kohli would be extremely competitive and try and win.”

Kohli, who is among the best batsmen in the world and is just six centuries short of Sachin Tendulkar’s record 49 ODI tons, seems to be an icon for even some of Indian football players due to his supreme fitness.

“Post 2015-16, I took it (fitness) extremely seriously — that’s when the realisation crept in. I read about how Virat Kohli approaches his fitness, his training regime, diet, and how he never ever goes against the roadmap laid down by his personal trainer,” said India football team defender Pritam Kotal on Tuesday.