Vijayan using unparliamentary language is fine but not Sudhakaran?: Congress retorts

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Thiruvananthapuram, May 20 (IANS) The Kerala unit of Congress on Friday castigated the ruling Left for blowing KPCC president K.Sudhakaran’s “unleashed dog” remark out of proportion for “political mileage”.

Congress leader and popular participant in TV channels news debates Jyothikumar Chamakala said CPI-M rules are strange.

Recalling instances when the chief minister himself had used unpalatable language, Chamkala said: “People were taken by surprise when Vijayan called a former CPI-M leader who was brutally murdered a ‘renegade’. Another unwarranted remark came from him when he called a Catholic bishop, a ‘wretched creature’ and none will forget the incident when, at an election campaign, he addressed top RSP leader and former State Minister N.K.Premachandran as a scum,” said Chamakala.

He further pointed out till date not a single CPI-M leader has had the audacity to correct him for his appalling remarks.

“No CPI-M leader will dare to say a word against him, and if anyone does, then its curtains for him. Fail to understand why the CPI-M leaders are creating such a hue and cry on Sudhakaran’s comment. Sudhakaran was graceful enough to immediately apologise and clarify that the word is a popular colloquial usage in Kannur district,” added Chamakala.

Left Democratic Front convenor E.P.Jayarajan, who also hails from Kannur and is in charge of the by-election at Thrikkakara said this was a statement “purposely” made by Sudhakaran.

“Sudhakaran and the Congress are trying to spoil the peace in the poll-bound Thrikkakara. This was done to provoke and create unrest in the constituency,” said Jayarajan.

Recently, while campaigning for his party ahead of the May 31 bypoll, Sudhakaran had likened Vijayan to an “unleashed dog” running around Thrikkakara constituency.