Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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    Vaibhav Sheth to release his first Independent Original Song Kaifiyat

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    Vaibhav Sheth (a Dallas, Texas-based singer, RJ and a musician), after multiple collaborations with different artists including two songs on Zee Music Label Hasrat and Tujhko Sochoon is finally releasing his debut Independent single titled “Kaifiyat”

    We got a chance to speak to Vaibhav and we questioned him and asked him about the composition of the song Kaifiyat? he says “The composition is basically to revive the old melody back into music. It’s a heartfelt song with genuine intentions, we also asked him about the lyrics of the song Kaifiyat? he says “The lyrics are beautifully written by Pradyot Sulanke who resides in Dallas, Texas. Pradyot has written lyrics for the popular UK based artist Parichay in the past. We also quizzed him if there was something special about the song that he would like to share? He says “The song is special as it is my first baby as an independent artist. I have collaborated on many songs in the past, but this is a true blue first original for me. The video is also beautifully shot by Vaibhav Rege and the stills are done by Arun Sharma.” 

    Apart from this, Vaibhav has a true love for cover singing, with a few of his songs reaching thousands of views, and is really well appreciated by his fans. In conversation, we also got a chance to ask him about a singer whom he idolises? he says “As a singer, I idolize Sonu Nigam Ji the most. I feel he is a complete singer, who can practically sing anything.” Well, there is no argument on that! We also asked him of what the idea behind Kaifiyat was? to which he beautifully responds, “The idea was just to make a song that would stand out from the crowd. I wanted to have the melody back, something we used to hear in the 90s. I am a huge 90s fan!”

    Teaser to Kaifiyat releases on Vaibhav Sheth’s social media handles on March 27, 2021

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