Monday, January 17, 2022

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    ULLU releases the trailer of “Games of Karma” Starring RahilAzmi and HitenTejwani

    6 different stories revealing scars of Karma

    ULLU, India’s fastest growing OTT app has always entertained its audience with stories inspired by Real Life Incidents. The platform has now release the trailer of “Games Of Karma” a show much different than the others.

    The show stars an ensemble cast of popular actors like RahilAzim, PratimaKazmi, JeetuShastri, HitenTejwani, GyanPrakash, Paritosh Sand amongst others.

    Games of Karma is a show based on how Karma Or wrong doing will always come to bite you. There are 6 different stories and each one unfolds a new story of karma being victorious. The engaging stories are bound to keep the audiences hooked until the end. The curiosity builds up when one faces the repercussions of what evil they’ve done.

    HitenTejawni on playing the lead of the show says, “As the name suggests “Games Of Karma”, whatever actions you do, you have to pay for it in this life itself. If you do good, good will come to you, and if you do bad that bad will come to you. My character in the show is wicked and sour but the catch remains, what is the repercussion of being so evil? Will Karma hit him back? To know more about what happens, stay tuned to the ULLU app. The show releases on 14thSeptember 2021!

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