Friday, January 21, 2022

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    Twitterati bash Rahki Sawant for making fun of Shamita Shetty’s frozen shoulder!

    The Weekend Ka Vaar ends on a happy note as there were no elimination this week. The season 15 of Bigg Boss is almost coming to an end. The competition has now become more fierce and tough. Not only those housemates have been facing a lot of mental pressure inside. While facing it the most inside and strong stand, is actress Shamita Shetty.

    Post the Weekend Ka Vaar, the viewers saw how Shamita was crying. She was talking to Nishant about how Rakhi has been mocking her frozen shoulder. Previously, during the episode host Salman Khan too raised a question on the frozen shoulder of hers. To which Rakhi Sawant got up and started to mock her.

    She imitated Shamita and told how her frozen shoulders only pains while washing utensils. Shamita was seen shattered as she couldn’t understand what to say. Her pain was clearly seen in her eyes and this was too noticed by her fans. She tried to explain what pain she was going through but couldn’t take it forward as she knew it cannot be explained much further.

    Her eyes were filled with tears. Shamita’s tribe went ahead and shared their emotions on twitter and supported Shamita. They went ahead and bashed Rakhi Sawant for,  yet again behaving abnormal and not understanding what the other contestant is going through.

    Well, justice has been served for Shamita Shetty outside and it will be interesting to see how this will go ahead in the coming days! 

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