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    Tips to combat body odour this monsoon

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    New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANS) During the monsoon, the most pestering issue among people is body odour which is caused due to excessive perspiration and humidity in the air. But this can be tackled with a few simple tips.

    Saurabh Gupta, director of Vanesa Care Pvt Ltd, manufacturer of personal care brands Denver and Envy 1000, suggests how:
    * Go for anti-bacterial talc as this will aid to combat sweat, odour and soggy feeling.
    The Ice Cold Cologne Talc works best when applied on towel-dried body. Dust a generous dose and the ice effect will linger on, making you feel dry even in humid weather conditions.

    * A deodorant or a body spray should be a part of your daily routine. Before leaving the house, give a quick fragrant shower to your body. Always go for the body sprays which last for long and have extra powerful fragrance.

    The choice of fragrance should be something which defines your own individuality. A unique fragrance is like a unique ID which makes your personality unique among others.
    The right body spray is also another factor which depends on your mood, occasion and the season. You should go with the right fragrance to enhance your personality and impression.

    * Different types of perfumes are suitable for different occasions. You could choose fougere notes blended with citrus to keep you rejuvenated in hot and humid weather or a spicy oriental note to make yourself smell sensual and mysterious.

    * Many deodorants mask body odour, but only some of them actually fight bacteria. It is advisable to spray deodorants on your body not on clothes.

    * Aroma oil works well. You can pour some drops of aroma oil in bath water to make yourself odour-free.

    * Prepare your body for a good perfume by first applying a light moisturiser and following it with a perfume.
    * Don’t try to mask body odour with abundant quantities of perfume as it can just aggravate the condition.

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