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    In 2021, &TV’s new programming line-up offered an interesting mix of untold and unheard stories presented in the Hindi GEC space for the first time. Each unique storyline gave the viewers the flavour of varied emotions, comedy, drama, and dhamkedaar entertainment. These include:

    BAAL SHIV – Mahadev Ki Undekhi Gatha  While there have been several fascinating shows on Lord Shiva and his various roops, one story that has not been shown before on Indian television is the story of his Baal Roop. Aptly positioned as Mahadev Ki Undekhi Gatha, the show Baal Shiv depicts the mythical Katha of the mother and son, Mahasati Anusuya and Baal Shiv and their eternal bond. Considered Infinite and the Unborn, Lord Shiva had taken many avatars, but he had never experienced childhood and mother’s love. However, post his marriage with Devi Parvati, Mahadev takes the form of a child to fulfil Devi Parvati’s wish and becomes the dutiful son of Mahasati Anusuya. Produced by Zee Studios, Baal Shiv features a stellar cast including Aan Tiwari (Baal Shiv), Mouli Ganguly (Mahasati Anusuya), Siddharth Arora (Mahadev), Shivya Pathania (Devi Parvati), Krrip Kapur Suri (Asur Andhak), Praneet Bhatt (Narad Muni), Danish Akhtar Saifi (Nandi), Dakssh Ajit Singh (Indra), Anjita Poonia (Indrani), Ravi Khanvilkar (Archarya Dandpani), Pallavi Pradhan (Maina Devi), amongst others.                                                                                  

    GHAR EK MANDIR – KRIPA AGRASEN MAHARAJ KI – A story of faith, family and devotion &TV’s ‘Ghar Ek Mandir-Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki’ is a never-seen-before socio drama on Indian television built around the context of the legendary king, Agrasen Maharaja. The story depicts Agrasen Maharaja’s core principles through his ardent bhakt and the show’s lead protagonist, Genda, a devoted girl belonging to a low-income family, now married into a business family. The show brings a heart-warming and captivating story of faith, family and life. Produced by Zee Studios, the show has a stellar star cast comprising of Shrenu Parekh as Genda, Sai Ballal as Kundan Agrawal, Sameer Dharamadhikari as Maharaja Agrasen, Akshay Mhatre as Varun Agrawal, Vishal Nayak as Manish Agarwal, Kenisha Bhardwaj as Nisha Agarwal, Yamini Singh as Santosh, Archana Mittal as Anuradha Agarwal, amongst others.  AUR BHAI KYA CHAL RAHA HAI? – A situational comedy revolving around two culturally opposite families forced to share a roof.

    Set against the backdrop of Lucknow, the show is a situational comedy, which ensues when two culturally opposite families are forced to share a roof, manoeuvre day-to-day concerns of small-town-living and highly competitive wives. The show captures the long-standing Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb of Lucknow through the two families – the Mishras and the Mirzas, cohabiting in an old nawabi haweli. Each wishing to own the haveli and not share it with the other causes constant bickering and amusing scuffles around everyday issues and incidents. Produced by Amjad Hussain Sheikh (Shade Productions), the show features actors like Akansha Sharma as Sakina Mirza, Pawan Singh as Zafar Ali Mirza, Farhana Fatema as Shanti Mishra and Ambrish Bobby as Ramesh Prasad.

     MAUKA-E-VARDAAT – A riveting weekday crime series unravelling the mysteries of the most inconceivable crimesLaunched in March 2021, Mauka-E-Vardaat’, a riveting weekday crime series, presented extraordinary tales of impossible crimes that challenged imagination and left one speechless. The show featured several famous faces, including Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan, Sapna Choudhary and Mona Singh as the sutradhaars. Raising the thrill quotient several notches up with fantasy crimes and supervillains, &TV launched, ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat – Operation Vijay’ airing from September 27th, featuring chilling stories of fantasy supervillains with supernatural powers committing mind-boggling crimes against humankind. ‘Operation Vijay’ is a special task force of the sharpest, bravest, and jaanbaaz police officers to combat these ferocious criminals and their incredibly shocking, unearthly powers. It featured well-known actors, comprising Aman Verma, Chetan Hansraj, Tanya Abrol, Piyush Sahdev, Sonali Nikam, Ankit Arora, Aishwarya Raj Bakhuni, Dawood Khan, Ansha Sayed, among others, along with a special expert and enlightened genius, aptly called Newton Chattopadhyay, played by Narendra Gupta.

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