The teaser and poster of ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2 will leave you unable to avert your gaze

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After the incredible buzz following Bekaaboo 2’s pre-teaser launch and an ensnaring teaser, they finally decided that they had been teasing the audience enough and released an eye-catching ensemble poster revealing the cast in the skin of their characters. The teaser of Bekaaboo 2 opened the gates to the spectacle that Bekaaboo 2 is going to be with its extremely innovative story and visuals. The poster did the same through one single image, truly an incredible feat to have just one show poster express so much.

More suspense, darkness, and doom seem to be looming over the characters, from the tiny glimpses of the teaser and the poster’s series. The teaser does what it is supposed to do, teases and builds up excitement, the kind that makes you long for the arrival of the series like a lover longs to see his beloved. But it also reminds us that a stalker may know more about a person than his/her lover. It is like the perfect mix of eerie and intrigue. 

We can see the irony the makers have subtly incorporated with the widespread usage of red, which happens to be the colour of love and death and doom. The evil that Kiyan intends to unleash can be seen in what he said, “Your fear, my relief. Your pain, my pleasure. Your end, my ecstasy”. Kiyan says “I am back” insinuating the extent he is going to go, to take revenge on Anaysha for messing up his life.

The poster is a treat to the eyes, so artistic, creative, and full of imagination. It tells us a whole story by itself. A burning red rose symbolizes all-consuming hate that will eventually lead to all-out revenge. Red is for love, but red is also for anger, and death is what the poster seems to be shouting out. Finally, all that burning rage causes the beauty of the rose to go up in smoke. This is a perfect analogy for how hate and revenge destroy everything and everyone in its path. The rose also cleverly has all the central cast embedded in its petals, depicting how they are all caught up in a web of lies, hatred, and anger. Truly commendable work by the people behind it.

The series follows Anaysha’s quick climb to success while stomping over everyone around her, thus causing her to pick up many enemies on her journey of life, whether it is in her former lover or her best friend. Revenge is lurking in the shadows for her, waiting to pounce.

Season 2 of ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo has Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Priya Banerjee, Smaran Sahu, Tusharr Khanna, Taaha Shah Badussha, and Poulomi Das in the cast. The show is a revenge saga that is bound to entertain you with every scene.

Just like the revenge portrayed in the show, the launch of the psycho-thriller is just around the corner. Get ready for another gripping season