Thursday, December 9, 2021

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    The Pahadi Story launches, a gift that wishes for Holistic Health and Immunity

    Pravin and Shweta Shah, couple entrepreneur launch a homegrown boutique herbal healthcare and immunity-boosting brand – The Pahadi Story

    The herbal infusions range provides holistic wellness benefits for both mind and body which prove to be a natural fit for our current lifestyle.


    To tap into the growing segment of health-conscious customers, a trend catalyzed by Covid-19, recently launched,  Made in India brand by Pravin Shah, The Pahadi Story, has launched a  range of 100% natural and authentic immunity-strengthening blends of ancient wisdom. Handpicked wonders of nature, potent herbs, and spices proven to promote holistic health for centuries come together to form authentic sips of health and goodness. Each of them is designed for your wellness.

    The Pahadi Story has introduced two ranges of premium immunity boosting herbal infusions, including The Pahadi Story Herbal Infusion, which are said to be the first of its kind in the market. With a focus on taste and purity of ingredients, The Pahadi Story’s eclectic range of herbal infusions delivers immunity-boosting benefits to capture the changing and growing needs for health and wellness among Indian customers.

    Each range launched offers a unique benefit. The first range consists of The Pahadi Story Kadha which is an authentic blend of 12 potent herbs and spices proven to promote holistic health. The Pahadi Story Haldi Mix is an authentic blend of Turmeric and assorted spices loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, the Haldi Mix strengthens your immunity, helps reduce inflammation, promotes holistic health, and improves metabolism. The Pahadi Story Herbal Infusion for Immunity boost is our authentic blend of choicest and potent 9 dried herbs that come together to form an immune-boosting sip, rich in antioxidants, anti-aging properties, and aids digestion.

    The second range consists of Himalayan Herbal infusion (Indriya) that includes Detox which is meant for detoxification, weight loss, and health restoration, Refresh which is crafted for stress relief, boosting energy and immunity, Digest which is recommended for a stronger gut, for treating bloating and relieving indigestion, Cool which helps to regulate excessive body heat, improve digestion and stimulate appetite, Cleanse which is crafted to cleanse your body, Immunity which helps in boosting immunity & metabolism and protect against weather changes, Heal is crafted for improving everyday health, immunity, and for anti-inflammation and last but not the least Balance, helps in enhancing the overall wellness of one’s body.

    You can avail your daily dosage of goodness from and starting from MRP 475 onwards for 100 grams

    Founder and Enabler of The Pahadi Story, Pravin Shah shares that “As the world grapples with rising pollution and environmental degradation leading to climate changes, it is important for us at The Pahadi Story to explore and create sustainable and authentic products that provide clear benefits of goodness, and well being for consumption in our daily use. This is core to our brand vision of providing diverse healthy and herbal infusions for greater mindfulness and conscious living. Along with this, we aim to enable Pahadi women farmers by helping them improve their skills, create innovative products and provide them with innumerable market access and opportunities ”

    About The Pahadi Story 
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    The Pahadi Story is an Act of Compassion. The Pahadi Story is about bringing the rarities from the Himalayas to the urban consumer, and this we do with the core aim of empowering the Pahadi Women Farmers. We believe in natural, authentic products and experiences. We belong to the ethereal symbol of purity, the Himalayas. We are nothing but goodness. Our journey of “peaks-to-packs” is a conscious one. Every product and experience we create finds its genesis in the traditional wisdom of the Pahadi People. Our main goal and objective is to co-create an enterprise that is driven on Value creation & Sustainability. 

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