Terence Lewis Takes an Autograph and Selfie with Contestant Anshika Rajput on Super Dancer – Chapter 4

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Sony Entertainment Television’s kids dance reality show Super Dancer – Chapter 4 is raising the entertainment bar with its Superrrr se bhi Uperrrr performances by its Super 13 contestants, who have stunned the judges and the audience with their abundant talent week after week.  

This weekend, on Super Dancer – Chapter 4, the show will be graced by the Dancing Diva, Malaika Arora and Dance Expert Terence Lewis alongside Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu. While all contestants have put their best foot forward, Anshika Rajput from Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh amazed all the four judges and left them speechless with her dance performance on the song ‘In Ankhon Ki Masti Mai’ alongside super guru Aryan Patra, they also got a standing ovation from all the judges and an overwhelming series of comments.  

Malaika Arora said, “I am literally at a loss of words. You were brilliant, outstanding, unbelievable. Aap main ek kadakpan hai, ek fire hai to prove yourself”. Terence Lewis said, “I have known Aryan for years now, he always dreamt of and wanted to become a choreographer and what a journey it has been for you, Amazing. You are a beautiful soul and very focused!! Anshika, I am too overwhelmed. Normally, dancers specialize in one or two dance forms and work around that only, but you can do two very distinctive dance forms with grace, softness and to get such a combination is very difficult. You are a genius, a prodigy, I want to take a picture with you”. Terence goes running to the stage and clicks a selfie with Anshika and requests her for her first autograph. Everyone on the set was applauding Anshika and shouting her name loud which made both, Anshika and her mother, emotional.  

Anurag Dada said, “I would have loved to watch the process of this dance act. Aryan you were too good, your choreography was of some different level. And Anshika has matched your level, Anshika you are gifted”. While commenting, Geeta Kapur said, “Aryan, I wish you were my guru, choreographically you are so rich at this age. I wish you infinite prosperity. Anshika! Kya dancer ho yaar aap, you are so good”. Watching her perform, Geeta Kapur couldn’t hold back her tears.  Watch Anshika Rajput’s fiery act on Super Dancer – Chapter 4, Saturday & Sunday at 8.00 pm, only on Sony Entertainment Television