Thursday, January 20, 2022

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    TeraMeraSaathRahe: OMG! After a grand welcome into the Modi family, will Gopika pass the test that awaits her?

    Star Bharat’s show TeraMeraSaathRahe is going to witness real challenges in Gopika’s life. In just three weeks this story has made the viewers eager to see major drama unfold in the Modi Mansion.

    In the upcoming episode, an angry Saksham takes pheraswith Gopika. After a lot of hesitation, a stern Mithila reminds him of his promise- pushing him to finally fill Gopika’s hairline with iconic Ekchutkisindoor

    Gopika is ecstatic, she believes that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her. On the other hand, Saksham makes up his mind and is adamant not to accept Gopika as his wife. For Saksham she will always just be a sacrifice he is now willing to make for his mother’s happiness.

    The episode also shows an eager and greedy Ashi and naive Chirag tying the knot.

    During an emotional farewell, Mithila promises Anand that she will take care of his daughters and vows to love Gopika as her daughter. Ashi misses her bidai as she is too busy celebrating her entry into the Modi family with Ramila.

    The GrihPravesh leaves Ashi jealous when she is directed by Mithila to enter second following the footsteps of Gopika being the elder daughter-in-law.

    A difficult ritual awaits Gopika, what will happen next? Will she fail or succeed? One can only wait and watch.

    Watch TeraMeraSaathRahe from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm on Star Bharat.

    Lakshmi GharAayi: Interesting! Maithili and Raghav forced to spend the night together.

    In the upcoming episode of Lakshmi GharAayi, a beautiful show that talks about the deep-rooted problem of Dowry, an interesting series of events take place. After the dinner party, Maithili claims that someone tried to ruin the party arrangements. Jawala, Bhanu, and Rani are seen exchanging guilty looks.

    The worsening weather gives Arun a reason to stay back at the Kumar house. While Maithili relentlessly tries to send her father home, Arun is determined to find out the reason behind his daughter’s strange behavior.

    Raghav invites Arun and ignores Maithili’s irrelevant reasons, as a result of which she is left with no option other than convincing Raghav to act as a loving husband. After a lot of difficulties, he agrees and she reveals her plan of doing something she never thought she would have to do.

    On the other hand, Jwalapanics and gets insecure about Raghav’s actions towards Maithili in front of her father. She throws an emotional tantrum and instigates Raghav to distance him further from Maithili.

    Maithili learns the truth about her certificates through Sneha and confronts Jwala who denies all her allegations. A naive Rani spills the truth in front of Arun and makes an effort in vain to cover up, leaving him more suspicious than before.

    As Raghavand Maithili prepare to spend the night under the same roof to clear Arun’s doubts, what will happen next? Can these few hours kindle a new angle of love between the two?

    Watch Lakshmi GharAayievery Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Star Bharat

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