Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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    TeraMeraSaathRahe: Challenges galore for Gopika! An illiterate Gopika to welcome guests in English?

    TeraMeraSaathRahe’s new episode gets interesting.

    After blaming Gopika for everything an annoyed Ashi locks her up in the cowshed and commands her to get the milk needed for the remaining rituals.

    Ramila and Hiten come to Ashi’s rescue. Ramila gives Ashi a genius idea and helps her con everyone to think she brought milk before Gopika.

    Meanwhile, terrified at first, Gopika finds a way to comfort herself and the cow after many misses. She gains its trust and succeeds through this challenge with her patience.

    A doubtful Mithila goes looking for Gopika and to her surprise, she enters the cowshed to a very peaceful Gopika milking the cow.

    Pleased at first, Mithila realizes that something is wrong with the milk brought by Ashi. She immediately questions her but the rest of the family members convince Mithila to drop the subject.

    A relieved Ashi and Gopika enjoy the Rasam. Little does Gopika know that she has many more challenges to face! A new morning at the Modi mansion will bring more troubles for Gopika. How will she get through this new problem?

    Keep watching TeraMeraSaathRahe on Star Bharat every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm to find out!

    Lakshmi GharAayi: Chanchal and Maithili to join hands. Maithili’s faith in Raghav restored!

    Lakshmi GharAayi continues to talk about the issue of dowry with its entertaining plotline. In the upcoming episode of Lakshmi GharAayi a big revelation awaits Maithili.

    Arun questions Sadhana, who turned up at the Kumar house so late at night. He tells her that he knows she is responsible for what is happening to Maithili. Jwala’s plan succeeds as she can finally separate Raghav and Maithili after Arun leaves.

    As Maithili makes up her mind to find out the truth she overhears Jwala asking someone to bring Raghav a new wife into the house.

    An angry Raghav defends Maithili as Bhanu makes her uncomfortable in the kitchen with his inappropriate comments.

    Maithili finds an unopened voice message that completely moves her. She makes a plan with Chanchal and dresses up as the new girl that Jwala was going to meet as Raghav’s new wife.

    Jwala welcomes Maithili in disguise and her fake parents with utmost excitement. As they bring up the topic of Dowry, the parents ask Jwala about Raghav’s opinion on this practice.

    Jwala tells them that he is a very progressive person and is completely against it so they must discuss it within themselves only. This gives Maithili all her answers.

    Her smart plan succeeds with Chanchal’s help and she now has no doubts about Raghav’s intentions.

    A grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebration will bring a new entry in Maithili’s life. Who is she?

    We can only watch to find out.Tune in to Star Bharat every Monday to Friday at 8pm to find out more

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