Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Star Bharat depicts the ultimate fight between ‘Lord Krishna’ and ‘Balram’ on the show ‘RadhaKrishn’ and how!

    ‘RadhaKrishn’ on Star Bharat has very well managed to sweep its viewers off their feet since its commencement. The channel acing at portraying mythological stories is known to reach great heights with its shows and especially with the show ‘RadhaKrishn’, they have spared no effort to always put out the most entertaining content. Bharat is a land full of stories when it comes to its rich history, culture and mythological beliefs. There are tons to learn from these stories and the fact that the channel is making it all possible for everybody to be one with its beloved mythological characters through their delightful portrayals, is being highly appreciated by the audiences. The show has managed to captivate its audiences through and through and promises to continue doing so.

    Given the recent plot of the show, a lot has been going on! The show keeps you on your toes as it is with its stellar performances and perfect depictions of the story but, the plot thickens as Krishna’s enemies Shalv and Shukracharya decide to go to any extent to finish Lord Krishna. They make every possible effort to do so but alas! Nothing seems to be in their favour. This leads them to then think of even more treacherous ways to get the job done. They opt on executing their plans by hurting Krishna’s loved ones to get him and who is better than Balram, Krishna’s beloved Dau to begin with.

    On the other hand, Balram’s son Nishaath is seen questioning Krishna’s ways. On the advice of his son, Balram asks Krishna to make him Dwarkadhish for a day. In an attempt to save his Dau from an apparent catastrophe, Krishna makes a decision that is sure to completely change the course of the plot. New twists in the upcoming story are bound to leave you speechless, so to know what happens next…

    Tune in to watch ‘RadhaKrishn’ every Monday to Friday at 9pm only on ‘Star Bharat’!

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