Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Sourabh Kumar Launches VidUnit – A one of its kind Influencer Marketing Platform

    India’s only Influencer Management platform that works in 13 Languages also supports publishers

    With an aim to enable and empower the budding Influencers and content creators of smaller town and cities, passionate content Tech Entrepreneur Sourabh Kumar has launched a digital platform ‘VidUnit’, India’s only influencer management platform which works in 13 Indian languages.

    The VidUnit platform aims to create an influencer community where both upcoming and established influencers can register themselves for free and earn an opportunity to collaborate with the biggest of brands. VidUnit is one of the fastest-growing digital entertainments, content, and Influencer marketing company and since its inception has worked with several prestigious brands like Duolingo, Alibaba, TikTok, Storytel, Graphic India, Dish TV, Kutchina kitchen and engaged popular creators like Jannat Jubair, Anushka Sen, Awez Darbar, Fukra Insaan, Dipika kakkar, amongst others in the past.

    Founder Sourabh Kumar has worked in Mumbai and abroad in the media industry for over 14 years at esteemed positions with companies like B4U and Alibaba to name a few prior to starting his own venture. He believes that there is a lot of skill & talent in the smaller towns and villages but there is no awareness to help them monetize their talent, content, and creativity. Hence he wanted to curate a platform that will encourage and enable content creators & influencers to collaborate with Indian and International brands and monetize their social media popularity and talent. Creators who are interested in creating, promoting content can register for free on the VidUnit website. Additionally, publishers who wish to collaborate with brands and garner sponsorships can also register themselves on the app. 

    Sourabh adds, ‘I was born and raised in a small town of Bihar and I am aware of the talent in smaller cities, especially the younger social media savvy generation. But, what lacks is exposure and guidance that separates them from bigger influencers in metros. I wanted to create a platform that will bring the talent and brands under one umbrella and ease their process of connecting. The language of preference will make the process only simpler and give brands from across the country umpteen options, hassle-free.  Once the influencers register, they can see what campaigns are already running or what is in the pipeline. We also help content creators increase their reach through content distribution. This gives them a fair choice and an opportunity to earn a livelihood from the confines of their house”.

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