Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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    Sonu Sood raises a toast to Salim’s Covid-19 relief efforts

    It has been a dark couple of months for our nation, a record number of deaths and infections has brought a halt to our lives. The second wave brought on many issues to the forefront, the most prominent of those issues was the sheer shortage of medical resources. The shortage of medical resources has led to a record number of deaths across the nation, citizens were left helpless and were on a hunt for a source of hope, a lot of children have now been left orphaned and are scrambling for their lives.
    What stood out during these times was the compassion shown by few individuals, one such individual was Mr. Salim Diwan, MD of Kamla Life Sciences.
    Kamla Life Sciences manufactures the all-important Remdisivr injection, this injection has been instrumental in the India’s fight against the virus. Salim also happens to be the lead actor in the movie ‘Bollywood Diaries’ for which he collected many accolades, he is truly a multifaceted personality.
    Mr. Diwan has proven to be messiah for the children who have been left orphaned by the pandemic, he has taken 20-30 kids under his wings and has secured their future.
    Another such individual, Mr. Sonu Sood has proven to be instrumental in India’s fight against the pandemic, not only did he provide financial assistance to the people who lost their livelihood but also provided them with employment opportunities and transport facilities. This is not the Diwan’s family first foray into pandemic service, His elder brothers in his family, Dr. Sattar Dewan and MD Chopdar, who are directors of the family’s pharma companies, are providing food, lodging and medical facilities to the needy due to the lockdown during this corona period in their home area Jhunjhunun. Every effort is being made by this family that no one should lose their life due to lack of facilities.                        Noticing the paucity of oxygen in the country, Mr. Diwan has vowed to make sure no person in the country dies from shortage of oxygen. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Diwan has also inaugurated two new oxygen generation plants, one in Maharashtra and the other near Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, which also happens to be his hometown.
    To show support and appreciation to his friend, Sonu Sood who himself has moved mountains to help his fellow Indians during the pandemic, rushed to the new plant site in Maharashtra and showered praises at his friend’s efforts and hard work.
    Sonu Sood said, “I am so proud of my friend Salim and the work that he is doing.We have known each other for a very long time but we recently got back in touch again. When Salim told me about his wonderful initiative of setting up oxygen plants in Rajasthan and Maharashtra I was moved. I am here today to support Salim and the entire team for their endeavors. I am there every step of the way to support in any way possible.
    Talking about the initiative, Salim Diwan shared his experience with us, “I have always believed in giving back to the society as much as we can and now is the time that we all should come together and save our nation from the oxygen crisis. Having sufficient oxygen supply is the need of the hour and I am determined to take every step necessary to ensure that we never face such a crisis ever again. After talking to my family members and taking a collective decision started the work immediately. I have known Sonu Bhai for a very long time and we all know that what he has been doing is so wonderful. Sonu bhai was very excited when I told him about the oxygen plants, and he insisted on coming and meeting the team personally to thank them. The set-up is already in process and the plant should be up and ready in a month max. We will keep doing whatever is required for the nation and I vow that nobody in our country will have to suffer for oxygen this way ever again.

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