SmaranSahu and Tusharr Khanna to sweep you off your feet in ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2

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More handsome hunks from the OTT industry have landed in the second season of ALTBalaji’s exclusive webseriesBekaaboo.

Shaurya played by Tusharr Khanna, being a dance instructor, has the moves, he also has looks that could kill. “A Greek God” is what Anaysha refers to him as. Despite it all, he is sensitive and kind, making him the man of your dreams. The one person who may be managed to stay out of all the chaos ensuing? Or like everyone else is he also twisted? After all, everyone in the story seems to have a secret agenda and Shaurya adds just the right amount of intrigue into his character.

“I am grateful to the entire team for making all of this possible and for helping bring Shaurya to life! I am so glad our visionary director Aarambhh M Singh pushed me to do this and let me explore myself as an actor and a performer. Loved working with the rest of the dancers and also loved playing Shaurya who seems externally sensitive has this mysterious aura about him that makes him come across as somewhat suspicious. Shaurya truly is an intriguing character. I loved that I got to dance for a bit during the series and it was an exciting experience to learn a fancy dance form like bachata.”– Tusharr Khanna, Actor

After playing the hottie in MasabaMasaba, SmaranSahu plays Aakash, the cop who Anaysha got onboard the investigation after she was cyber-bullied by Kiyan. Aakash may not have the words or the smooth-talking abilities that a woman looks for, but he has a brain that works really quick when it comes to his job. He is constantly shocked by the turns and plot twists in this whole mess caused by hate and insecurity. Keeping up the pace at his job as a cop and his rustic and classic Mumbaikar avatar, will surely make the audience love him even more.

“Playing Akash was insanely fun. The shoot was thoroughly enjoyable and so was working with the entire cast. Akash is completely detached from the glossy world of Bekaaboo and hence happens to be extremely smart and perceptive about everyone’s psyche. Developing his vernacular and body language was a challenging and gratifying experience. Can’t wait for the audience to see the unique charm of Inspector Akash.”SmaranSahu, Actor

ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2, has been creating ripples in the calm waters of the entertainment industry and as the launch draws near, it is turning into a full-blown hurricane. The plot twists, the chaos, the dance sequences have all been reasons behind the storm. Anaysha ruins Kiyan’s career, breaks up with him and plots against him and has him sent to jail.

The star cast on the series is Subha Rajput, TaherShabbir, Priya Banerjee, Poulomi Das, Taha Shah Badussha, SmaranSahu, Tusharr Khanna and others.

The series launches on the 15th March. Get ready to witness some Dhamakedar moments!