Salim Diwan who was last seen in ‘Bollywood Diaries’ has made a comeback with a hard-hitting film ‘Quran’.

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Salim Diwan who was last seen in ‘Bollywood Diaries’ has made a comeback with a hard-hittingshort film ‘Quran’. ‘Quran’ is a 15-minute short film which depicts one of the grave issues facedby the islamic community across the globe. Terrorism has always been linked directly to Islam,which has been a cause of xenophobia towards them. As a result, racist attacks and intoleranceagainst the muslim community has seen an exponential rise since the past couple of years.Talking about the issue, actor Salim Diwan says, ‘When I first heard the script, I immediatelysaid yes! The stigma, faced by muslims, has always been a collateral damage of the actionsperformed by the terrorists in the name of Allah, but that is not the truth. No religion would teachviolence, and nowhere in Quran is it written that those who do not follow islam should be killed.Therefore, I’d like to emphasise on this fact that these terrorists, who call themselves theprotectors of ‘Islam’, actually do not have any religion and they certainly do not preach islam.Through this short film, I want to desensitise the toxic perceptionthat people have about islamand muslims because, believe me, I’m a muslim and I hate violence.”‘Quran’ is now streaming on YouTube on the official channel of Rehab Pictures Pvt. Ltd.Regards,