Ridhi Dogra interprets what Astha from ALTBalaji’s urban relationship drama, The Married Woman, believes is love in the most poetic language

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In the wake of the success of one of ALTBalaji’s most beautiful shows, The Married Woman, lead actress Ridhi Dogra talks about what love is for Astha, the woman she plays in the show. “Jo woh timeless hone waali feel di jaye na, that’s love,” she says. One can’t help but agree that love is always in the little things, the little details and, that is what makes someone unique, their quirky way of doing something as simple as drinking a cup of tea.

These things make a person immortal in a person’s mind. It gives one hope that “even if you’re gone, you will still go on”. For Astha, love is about finding that person you can be your most honest, authentic self. Someone with whom you never have to hide. Ridhi’s beautiful voice and the beautiful music in the tiny snippets’ background from the show touch you in a way you can’t forget.

Astha, the role played by Ridhi Dogra, is the perfect wife, daughter, mother, and teacher. She never strays from the path shown to her by society and family. It inhibits her from attaining her full potential in her career, as a person, and as a woman. Her goodness is so apparent that you will fall in love with the character, Astha the minute you are introduced to her.

If it isn’t already evident, The Married Woman is a show that celebrates love, all kinds of love. It reminds us that love is what makes life beautiful. Astha and Peeplika find each other and become the strength and support systems each of them needs. They remind each other that life is beautiful despite the downsides. The story starts with Astha. The perfect housewife settled in an everyday, average, monotonous lifestyle as she was conditioned to do by society and upbringing. It was until she met Aijaz and Peeplika, who showed her that life is so much bigger and more beautiful than she realizes. The series also cleverly addresses various unspoken social issues in the country and society, making it a brilliant watch.

The various characters in this moving series are played by Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, Imaad Shah, and many others who have played their roles to perfection, ensuring that the show was a tremendous success.

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