Renowned veteran actor, Tej Sapru to be seen as Prajapati Daksh in &TV’s Baal Shiv starting Jan 11th

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Dedicating more than 40 years to the Indian entertainment industry and acing every character across films, television and OTT platform, veteran actor Tej Sapru will be seen portraying the role of Prajapati Daksh in &TV’s Baal Shiv. The character plays an important role in Shiv Gatha, bringing in a high voltage drama in the track for the viewers.Excited to be a part of Baal Shiv, Tej Sapru (Prajapat Daksh) shares, “I am an ardent Shiv Bhakt. I am always up for projects which are associated with Mahadev. For me, Lord Shiva is everything, so when the makers of Baal Shiv approached me for the role, I did not even think twice and got on board with the show. Baal Shiv is a beautiful show which unfolds some of the tales of Lord Shiva that has not been explored in Indian television yet, so it is my privilege to be a part of such a masterpiece of work.”

Elaborating on Prajati Daksh’s character, the actor adds, “Prajapati Daksh is a very powerful and strong character. Almost 15 years ago, I had played the same role in a 3D film which is still been shown at Maa Ambe temple, and I know what importance this character holds in the story. Prajapati Daksh is the son of Lord Brahma, who was also known to be the supreme King of the Universe. Opposite to what I am in real life, my character is Anti-Shiv, as according to the mythology, Lord Shiva chopped off Lord Brahma’s fifth head. So, to seek revenge, Daksh always had hatred for Mahadev. But when he gets to know his daughter Sati (Shivya Pathania) is head over heel in love with Mahadev, he creates a lot of havoc, bringing in a lot of drama in the track, which leads to some uncertain twists in the tale. My character’s entry will be an exciting watch for the audience, and I am thrilled about it.”

Watch Tej Sapru as Prajapati Daksh starting Jan 11h, 2022, in Baal Shiv airing every Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm only on &TV