Ravi Bhatia: Pandemic has made it tougher to get roles

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Mumbai, May 24 (IANS) Actor Ravi Bhatia, who has worked in television shows such as “Jodha Akbar”, “Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se” and “Ishq Subhan Allah”, says the pandemic has made it tough to get roles.

Talking to IANS about the challenges actors are facing because of Covid-19, Ravi says: “If we talk about auditions, we can give many auditions daily but getting the role is the big question. In normal days it was a tough job and now the pandemic has made it tougher.”

“Being an actor is not really easy. When you join showbiz, you just see the positive sides. We dream of name, fame and good money but we don’t focus on the fact that an actor needs to struggle for new roles. You never know how long your show is going run and also, at times, actors are replaced in a day,” he sums up.