Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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    Rasode Mai KonTha: TeraMeraSaathRahe takes us on a nostalgic revisit

    A 2020 meme trend that can almost never be forgotten is here again! Star Bharat’s show TeraMeraSaathRahe brings back ‘Rasode Mai KonTha’ with a new twist.

    An iconic Saas- Bahu Jodi has never failed to entertain viewers, what’s even more than iconic is GopikaBahu and Kokila Modi. Being one of the most loved pairs ever since these two have now reunited withTeraMeraSaathRahe on Star Bharat the viewers have been glued to their television screens being intrigued to see what happens next.

    Since the two were seen together on the small screen again, anticipation has been high!

    Who could forget the meme fest they had last year. And now finally, Rasode Mai KonTha is back with Mithila Modi aka Rupal Patel.

    With the recent episodes showing how Gopika has been trying to dodge the traps set by Ashi around her – she is being unsuccessful because of her naïve and timid behavior. Todays’ episode will finally show in and give the viewers the answer to Rasode Mein KonTha – as the one task that Gopika was to fulfill by making 50 Modaks – her Mami Ji puts her in a trap and puts Momos’ instead in a plate and exchanges it with her to save Ashi.

    Having said that Mithila who is trying to restore her faith back in her one choice – Gopika for her son – she is being let down.

    Will Gopika stand up for herself?

    Will Mithila find out the unsaid truth about her daughter in law?

    To find out whether Mithila gets to know KonTha, tune in to TeraMeraSaathRahe on Star Bharat every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm

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