Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Rashmi Agdekar wishes everyone a Happy Maharashtra Day and expresses thankfulness to the front-line workers on Labour Day.

    “Andhadhun” actress Rashmi Agdekar is a proud Maharashtrian and what’s the better day to express it if not today i.e. May 1, Maharashtra Divas. The Maharashtrian Mulgi, Rashmi Agdekar is a brilliant actress that we got to see in her film and web series like “Dev DD”, “Rasbhari”, “Dev DD 2”, “ImMature”, “Awkward Conversations with Girlfriend”, and “The Interns”, “Andhadhun”. All the characters that Rashmi Agdekar has played were totally different from each other and yet the actress performed those characters with ease for which she was appreciated afar.

    On the occasion of Maharashtra Divas and Labour Day Rashmi Agdekar explained the importance of her culture and tradition, she said “Maharashtra Day is considered very important for us Marathi people, this day reminds us of our roots. I am proud to be Marathi and to speak Marathi. May 1st is also considered as Labor Day, I thank our frontline workers during such times with coronavirus around, even in such a situation they are firmly doing their duty. I wish everyone a happy Maharashtra Day, Jai Maharashtra.” Last year Rashmi Agdekar was found Covid-19 positive but she recovered and is healthier than ever now, at times like this she is grateful to the frontline workers.

    On the work front, Rashmi Agdekar has some great projects lined up that she will be announcing when the time comes.

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