Raqesh’sneice calls Divyaagarwal the annapurna of the Bbott house. ThanksDivya for showing the real RaqeshBapat to the audience

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This year’s  Bigg Boss came with a new concept hosted by Karan Johar. The show took a family turn today where the contestants got to meet their family members we saw Raqesh’s niece telling him how much Divya’s friendship has boasted his confidence and the viewers also feels that now Raqesh Bapat had started keeping a point of view.

Although in first week we did see Raqesh and Divya bonding with each other but later on their friendship took a bigg boss turn. While it is almost the end of the season and many broken friendships are gluing back together, Raqesh’s niece told him that divyaagarwal the annapurna of the Bbott house and she was also seen thanking divya for showing the real Raqesh Bapat to the audience.

It is nearly impossible to make real relationships on this reality show but somehow if you make it surely is one of the strongest one and that is how viewers are seeing Raqesh and Divya’s friendship.

Since we are very near to the finale week and we are all hoping may the best wins but also simultaneously viewers are enjoying the “Parivarik” atmosphere in Bigg Boss’s house.