Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Rahul Roy speaks about his character in ULLU’s next titled “Kadiyaan”

    Kadiyaan is a slow-burn Cop-Investigation drama revolving around a high-profile murder case of a rich socialite and film producer. Each episode ventilates upon the possibility of a prospective murderer, from the list of suspects. Shilpa Shinde is said to be playing a CBI officer in the show. 

    Rahul Roy Quotes
    “The show has a very danting storyline. Since it’s a murder mystery, every episode unfolds new truth. If I had to talk about my character in a word, I would say “Rishi is complicated”. He is someone who is Cerebral, Sophisticated yet ruthless as a business tycoon!”

    On the show, Vibhu Agarwal, CEO, and Founder, ULLU mentions, “We want to bring content that declutters the mind of the audiences. With our show Kadiyaan, we want to reach out to all niche sectors of the society as well”

    Produced by Vibhu Agarwal and ULLU Digital, the show will premier soon on the app.

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