Priya Malik’s heart-touching poem dedicated to ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is a must-watch

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After launching the impressive teaser and trailer of their much-anticipated series, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ featuring Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee, the makers have now launched a beautiful, heart-touching poem dedicated to the show by actress and spoken word poet Priya Malik.

Priya Malik is a TEDx speaker, an actress, a columnist, a TV personality (Big Brother Australia, Big Boss India), a teacher, a spoken word poet, a storyteller, and a comic, notably, a writer/performer. She is also known for her soulful poetry that every woman can relate to, and her narration surely touches hearts.

As rightly mentioned by Priya in the video, “Sometimes the moments that are going to change your life are moments you never knew existed. Rumi and Agastya’s chance encounter, separation, loving each other or not loving each other, is also one similar moment.” This poem is the ultimate remedy for those whose hearts have been broken in love.

Backed with a soothing acoustic guitar track, Priya’s poem delves into different stages of love as per Sufi, which includes attraction, infatuation, love, obsession, trust, and worship as she talks fondly about Agastya and Rumi.

A broken relationship is better than a loveless one as avoiding short-term pain can cause long-term damage. The ‘Broken But Beautiful’ franchise is a testament to this, as it takes the viewers on a journey of love, longing, and heartbreak, with much intensity.

Starring Sidharth Shukla & Sonia Rathee, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ is the broken love story of Agastya & Rumi (portrayed by the actors, respectively). Agastya Rao, who is an aspiring director, falls in love with Rumi Desai, his muse. The series showcases the ups and downs in their relationship where the obsession never ends but instead shifts. And as they say, it is more difficult to fall out of love than in love, and this thought is what makes the story so very relatable.

Produced by Sarita Tanwar and Niraj Kothari and directed by Priyanka Ghose, ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ featuring Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee will stream from 29th May 2021 on ALTBalaji.