Ohh, What! Does Chef Jatin injure himself on Chef Vs Fridge Season 3?

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Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge presents India’s best 5 chefs to compete for the chance to become the country’s next celebrity chef. The intensity of competition rises week after week as participants exert every effort to claim the top spot on the leaderboard. Chef Ajay is renowned for both his culinary prowess and his impeccable sense of humor, this episode with yet another theme “fire and ice” with an added twist, is revealed by Chefs Ajay and Shipra. This could be an opportunity to catch up to the leaderboard and avoid being eliminated.

With the intensity of elimination, the stakes are too high and therefore, contestants can be see hustling over to give in their best. The heat of competition gets so intense that Chef Jatin doesn’t even realise when he stumbles and falls while preparing his serve. Injured but committed to his win, we can all see him showing a never give up attitude as he stands again and prepares for his final presentation. “Things that are on the stake are too high, I can’t lose it”, he says inspiring everyone around.

In the episode, we can also see Chef Ajay leaving to tables unturned while making it tough for the contestants. As the theme of the challenges says, ‘Fire and Ice’, he also introduces another challenge to make life tough for the contestants. Chef Shipra on the other hand can be seen making things easier for the competitors by giving them a lifeline What is it? Watch on the show. It is an episode filled with thrill and sweat, highs and lows. So, do no miss out.

Watch the engaging episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 3 on Zee Café this Sunday at 8 PM