Thursday, December 9, 2021

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    Novin, an ultimate adventure seeker, and Bidita a firecracker are the two people to look out for on ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo2

    ALTBalaji’s psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2 has an amazing set of characters. Bidita played by stunning Poulomi Das is an exquisite woman, gorgeous on the outside and intelligent on the inside. After having her career destroyed by Anaysha, she swears to make Anaysha’s life a living hell. She promises to make Anaysha’s end humiliating. She claims reading Bekaaboo gave her purpose in life, helped her “live on and move on.”

    Novin played by the charming Taha Shah Badussha is a thrill-seeking person. Though in a committed relationship with Bidita and though he supports her in her career, he managed to have flings with Kashti just for the thrill. He has some tricks up his sleeve to use Kashti to somehow bring down Anaysha for messing with Bidita’s career.

    “I loved playing Bidita, there is so much fire and passion and drive in her, it was refreshing. The clothes, the dancing, all of it added more charm to the path. Playing a temptress like Bidita was interesting throughout the shoot. I sincerely hope the audience loves that character as much as I do” – Poulomi Das

    “Novin is a character with so many masks on. It takes a while to figure him out. Playing such an interesting character is a privilege. I’m so glad to be a part of Bekaaboo 2. Working with the co-actors was a great experience too.” – Taha Shah Badussha

    ALTBalaji’s series Bekaaboo 2 is a revenge saga, the story is centered around authors who want to destroy each other to get ahead in their careers. The chaos that ensues makes for a very interesting watch.

    The brilliant actors in the series are Subha Rajput, Taher Shabbir, Priya Banerjee, Taha Shah Badussha, Poulomi Das, Tusharr Khanna, and, Smaran Sahu, amongst others.

    Head to the ALTBalaji platform as its’ the final count down for your favourite psycho-thriller to stream soon

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