Nilu Kohli: We must push society to welcome people of any sexual orientation

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Mumbai, May 24 (IANS) Actress Nilu Kohli, who played the mother of a homosexual character in a short film “Coming Out Of The Closet”, feels conversation around homosexuality should continue.

“I feel discussion around LGBTQ+ is still taboo in society. The subject still needs to be addressed time again. We must push our society to welcome people of any sexual orientation and give them equal status,” she told IANS.

Sharing her experience of working in such a social film, she says: “Till now in my career, after acting for so many different characters, I never brought emotions back to home from shoots. But playing mom to a homosexual character was really a tough and emotional job. I could understand the emotions a mother goes through when her son is treated like an entertaining factor for the society.”

The actress urges parents to support their child at every cost.

“I feel parents need to support their child. Also, movies, TV shows showing the LGBTQ+ community in a caricaturist way should skip doing so and understand the consequences one has to face in practical life. If in films we start giving them equal status, they will find it in real life too, ” she says.