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The new “Bounty Royale” mode excludes AI characters to maximize the fun of gunplay

Higher-quality graphics options unlocked for high-spec devices

New 7.62mm gun “MG5” added

New Delhi, May 25th 2023 – KRAFTON, Inc. today released its May Update for NEW STATE MOBILE, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android. The update introduces several exciting features like the revamped “Bounty Royale” mode, new weapon and ammo enhancements, better graphics and the new survivor pass to enhance the gaming experience for players.

While a comprehensive breakdown of NEW STATE MOBILE’s May Update can be found HERE, see below for key highlights.

Revamped “Bounty Royale” Mode – One of the major highlights of this update is the remake of the popular “Bounty Royale” game mode. In the new version, AI players have been excluded to maximize the fun and intensity of gunplay. Up to 32 human players can now form squads and compete against each other without any AI characters. The objective is to accumulate squad points by collecting data from ‘Generating Devices’ placed in the battlefield or by completing missions. When a player’s character dies, they drop some of the collected data, which can be acquired by other players. Players can enjoy unlimited redeployment upon death. Squads that fail to collect a certain level of data are eliminated, and the surviving squad ultimately emerges as the winner. “Bounty Royale” can be played for 8 hours every day from 12:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST.

90 FPS Graphics – In addition to the game mode remake, the update brings higher-quality graphics options unlocked for high-spec devices. Players using devices capable of supporting 90FPS can now select higher quality graphic options, improving the visual experience and overall immersion.

New Weapon – The “MG5”, a powerful Light Machine Gun (LMG), has been added to the game. MG5 utilizes 7.62mm ammunition and can be found on all NEW STATE MOBILE maps. Players can further enhance the MG5’s capabilities by applying the “Dedicated Extended Mag” customization, which increases the magazine capacity from 50 rounds to 100 rounds. However, this customization affects the reload speed. Additionally, the customization for the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) “SLR” has been changed to “Incendiary Rounds.” Enemies hit by an incendiary round suffer burn damage for 6 seconds, limiting their aiming abilities.

Survivor Pass Vol.19 – Alongside these updates, the new Survivor Pass Vol.19 has been released, featuring the GLC faction’s “Blocker” as the protagonist. Players can earn rewards and obtain Blocker’s character skin by achieving all pass levels. Upgrading to a legacy pass allows users to repurchase the “Imperial Guard Set.”