New Ranking Reveals the Most Privileged Countries in 2021

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Study measures how privileged a nation is by examining levels of opportunities, freedom, health conditions, and financial independence through hundreds of data points

  • INDIA is one of the countries with the highest employment rate but has troubles in building prosperity
  • SWITZERLAND ranks as the most privileged country, with the highest percentage of millionaires and the highest level of wealth

Berlin, Germany, August 25, 2021: The German insights platform has published the results of a study which gives new insights into the most privileged countries in the world. The 44 countries selected for the study were examined using data provided by the United Nations, the World Bank, and many more. The findings highlight the countries who have the most privileges by examining a total of 20 factors in the fields of opportunities, freedom, health conditions and financial independence including wealth, educational systems, employment rates, income distribution, opportunities for advancement, human rights, freedom to travel, gender parity among others.


European states dominate the ranking of the most privileged countries in the world, with Switzerland at the top. Not only does Switzerland have the highest percentage of millionaires—its population is comprehensively financially independent with a median wealth of 230,000 USD. The Swiss also enjoy the highest level of gender equality and own the most powerful passport in the world, along with Germany, Finland, Spain and Sweden.

Despite India scoring very high in terms of employment, it faces major challenges in financial independence and wealth building. The average Indian person makes around 1,800 USD a year while the world average yearly income is at 28,600 USD. In comparison to other emerging economies like South Africa or Brazil, India lacks in terms of social solidarity and investment in the public health care system.

While the US is world famous for being the home of the American dream and unrivalled company wealth, the country only ranks 19th in the list of the most privileged countries in the world. The country lags behind in education and medical treatment, as well as in human rights—especially around the inequality between Black and White citizens, and with the death penalty still in force.

“Every country in the world is unique in terms of career opportunity, civil liberties, safety, and finance. This study combines these four pillars to determine who are the most privileged people overall. However, by breaking down these four pillars into 20 different factors, the study also reveals that every nationality is lucky in one way or another. Different countries excel at different things, and every country has a comparative advantage of some kind,” said Airden Howe, Chief Editor at

Table: Full Ranking of the Most Privileged Countries in 2021

RankCountryFinal ScoreRankCountryFinal Score
4Norway93.326South Korea61.6
11New Zealand82.333Latvia51.2
14United Kingdom79.436Chile39.3
19United States70.341Colombia25.8
22Czech Republic67.244South Africa0.0

Methodology reviewed data from the United Nations and the International Labour Organization. Data was also collected from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. For income equality data, social cohesion, income and life expectancy data was taken from the World Bank’s and the World Economic Forum’s Global Social Mobility Index 2020. Human rights data was taken from the Human Rights Protection Score of the University of Michigan (USA). Data from The Social Institutions and Gender Index of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation was used for gender parity and freedom of travel was determined by the Global Passport Power Rank 2021 by the financial consultancy Arton Capital.

Health spending was taken from the world health organisation. Air quality, accident risk and homicide risk was measured with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington (USA). Finances were looked at from Bank Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Databook 2019 report and the amount of millionaires per inhabitant was taken from the “Global Wealth Databook 2019” report by Bank Credit Suisse. To calculate the ranking, all the results of the influencing factors studied were standardized. Points on a scale between 0 and 100 were used for this purpose. Find full informations on methodology and sources visiting