Mukhesh Ambani Added a 10-Crore Rolls Royce SUV to his Z+ Catagory convoy.

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After the prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Business Tycon and chairman of reliance industries Mukhesh Ambani has the Z+ category security which includes NSG personnel, however, Ambani has to pay the salaries and living expenses including the stay to them.

It costs Mukhesh around USD $22,000 per month to keep on such guard while he employs retired officials from the National Security Guard while two active NSG personnel stick to him 24/7. The Z+ category includes 55 security personnel, with at least 10 high-level National Security Guards. Until now, only 17 people in India have such category of the guard.

His convoy include Mercedes AMG G63, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Vogue. To this, He newly added a 10 crore SUV: The

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge, the expensive SUV currently in the country while the base model of this version itself costs 8 crores. 

Viswanath Dasari