Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    Mithila ignores Gopika and her existence in the Modi House

    A lot of drama has been brewing in Star Bharats’ popular show Tera Mera Saath Rahe. With Gopikas’ truth out in front of everyone in the Modi house, they are stunned to know that Gopika is naïve and not the confident and educated personality that they thought she would be. While Gopika is struggling in making her presence felt in the house, and only with Ba being by her side, she has started to feel lonely and lost.

    Setting the drama aside, there is a huge welcome party being held at the Modi mansion to welcome one of their esteemed foreign client. While this client is important for the business led family, everyone is making sure there is no stone left unturned that will ruin Saksham and the Modi name in the market. While Gopika is praying for everything to go well, Ashi is playing on an evil plot to find a way to have her husband Chirag Modi win the heart of their client and let him have the lime light and the success. Under the influence of her mother, Ashi will come up with a plan to make sure Saksham is embarrassed and have Chirag save the day.

    What will this new drama lead to?

    Will Gopika be able to save the day?

    Will she be able to make a lasting impression in Mithilas’ mind and change her perception of her?

    One can only wait and find out

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