Monday, November 29, 2021

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    Milind Bhatt’s story leaves the judges of India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 in chuckles

    Sony Entertainment Television’s India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 is back! The season opener won the hearts of the audience with exemplary performances put forward by the contestants who also shared their personal journeys on the show. This week too, the contestants are geared up to put their best foot forward and qualify to be a part of the, ‘Best Barah’ or ‘Top 12’ contestants. 

    One of the contestants that stood out from the lot is, Milind Bhatt from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh. His electrifying performance on the song, ‘Zara Zara’, left the judges, Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis in awe. Later, when Geeta Kapur asks him about what he does apart from dancing, he mentioned that he helps his father in his grocery shop. Things took a funny turn when his father chipped in and said that it’s best to not have any help than have Milind’s help. Apparently, Milind is so absent-minded that he either forgets to take money from customers or give them the wrong items or gives them double of what they asked for. He further went onto say that, dance is the only thing in his life that he does with pure dedication and focus. 

    Everyone had a great laugh over this and then judge Terrence Lewis asked the father should they select Milind or let him decide the course of his business, to which Milind’s father excitedly said with relief, “Please select him and make something out of him, we’ll also run our shop in peace.” 

    After receiving such heartwarming feedback from the judges, Milind Bhatt shares, “I am thankful to the judges and this platform for giving me the opportunity to stand up for myself. Dance is my only true passion that I follow from my heart. I would give in my 200% to make the best out of this opportunity. It’s now or never.” 

    Tune in to watch the best talent from across the country participate on India’s Best Dancer – Season 2, every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00PM only on Sony Entertainment Television

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