Friday, January 21, 2022

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    Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 spoiler alert: Krishna to fire Pratigya

    Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya is yet to witness another drama in the upcoming episodes. The viewers recently saw that the connection between Pratigya and Krishna growing and how Krishna was growing fonder of Pratigya.

    But that doesn’t seem like it is going to last!

    Seeing the growing closeness between Krishna and his secretary Meera gets insecure and asks Krishna to fire Pratigya. Meera decides not to eat until Krishna asks his secretary to leave. Krishna tries to explain Meera the truth between him and Pratigya but Meera is adamant. Unfortunately, Krishna is left with other option but to fire Pratigya. Pratigya tries to contact Krishna but Meera picks the call and asks her to stay away from her husband.

    This leaves Pratigya devastated. Pratigya is now adamant and decided to confronts Meera on the occasion of Vat Savitri puja to enfold the truth

    What will happen when Pratigya meets Meera?

    Will Pratigya be successful in proving her side of the story to Meera?

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