Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Krishna to marry Meera in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2

    A lot of drama has been happening in Pratigyas’ life ever since she found out she has been detected with Cancer and there is no cure to it. Pratigya has been trying very hard to help Krishna move on in his life knowing that she is dying by creating hatred for him in his mind. While she has been successful in romancing Adarsh and creating anger and a sense of betrayal in Krishnas’ heart. In the current track Meera has only been the confidant in Krishna and his familys’ life.

    In the recent track the viewers saw Pratigya leave Krishnas’ house and stay at Adarshs’. Keeping the promise that she made to Adarsh in consulting another doctor basis her disease in return for him to romance her has kept the ball running in Pratigyas’ life

    With Krishna not taking Pratigyas’ hatred towards him he has gone back to his old self where he has got back to alcoholism and violence, he is taking on revenge with Pratigya.

    Todays’ episode will see Krishna accepting the fact that Pratigya is never going to return he takes on Meera and decides to marry her instead

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