Monday, November 29, 2021

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    Karanth’s way of playing Big Boss is a thing to watch out for!

    This year’s bigg boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar- definitely is one of the craziest seasons ever. The most controversial show has now reached to another level of outbreaks. It is visibly seen that all the participants have a unique way of playing the game and are quite smart with their actions.

    All the contestants definitely have their own strategy built up for their game and everyone is visibly abiding by their own rules and planning.

    Karan Nath is an Indian film actor and was seen in romantic movies like Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa and few others. Since the time Karan entered bigg boss’s house he was seen as one of the most calm and understanding person. He always stood up for what is wrong. He played a main role by making peace and standing to it.

    Recently Bigg Boss gave a task to the contestants named Boss Man and Boss Lady. In this task many contestants took out their anger and revenge on other contestants.

    Karan Nath during this task was seen very quite, patient and made sure he cause no harm to other contestants. He clearly didn’t involve himself in the dirty game.

    He retained his humanity and played safe like a real gentleman. Audience really loved Karan’s performance throughout this task as he was the only one seen performing the task gently.

    Watch out Karanath’s unique way of playing Bigg Boss OTT!

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