Monday, November 29, 2021

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    KaranNath roots for Divya Agarwal, as he would like to see her winning the show

    Actress Divya Agarwal has been giving some tough competition to her fellow mates. While she is been criticized by many, actor Karanath has stood for her from day one. Karanath who has been recently evicted from the Big Boss house shares his experience with what he had from the past few days.

    Karanath way of playing the game was appreciated by many outside. There have been instances where he had stood up for the right. During the initial stages, Pratik was seen proving Divya inside. This was noticed by many , but Karanth took a stand against it. This very moment made Divya happy and their bond increased post that. Karanath who got evicted, wants Divya from the show to win as he considers her as his very own sister.

    We got an opportunity to speak to him where he said that, “ I have made quite a few friends in the show. Moreover, I made a sister and consider Divya Agarwal as my very own. I have always loved her attitude and eagerness to do things. If one contestant who I would want to win, it would be definitely Divya Agarwal. Time is the biggest answer and I hope this wish of mine, comes true!

    Truly, being a gentleman and a loving brother, Karanath has become a favorite for many. His good heart to see Divya winning is much appreciated

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