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    Innovators in coffee, CCL, unveils first ever national TVC introducing their premium, ‘Continental Freeze Dried’ to the Indian market

    Continental Coffee (CCL), the Indian-origin coffee conglomerate has been offering the highest quality coffee to consumers in India and across the globe for over 25 years. By observing global consumption habits in coffee and recognizing its immense potential, CCL set up India’s first freeze-dried coffee plant 16 years ago to cater to international coffee brands. After capturing the coffee market abroad, CCL launched its own branded Continental Freeze Dried this year, exclusively for consumers in the Indian market.  

    To promote their premium instant coffee brand, Continental Freeze Dried, the legacy coffee company launched their first-ever national TVC to display the process of freeze-dried coffee to consumers.

    India’s coffee revolution has gone through major transformations over the last few years accelerating the coffee culture in the country. From making a home-brewed cup of coffee to seeking artisanal brews, India’s coffee connoisseurs have significantly advanced. Since the customer is now open to experimenting, it is deemed fit for CCL to introduce Continental Freeze Dried, their own premium instant coffee brand. With over 16 years of expertise in manufacturing freeze-dried coffee, CCL has perfected the process. Their brand brings you the freshest of coffees retaining all of the flavor and aroma of the coffee bean making it the best choice for customers.  

    Through the TV commercial, CCL aims to acquaint coffee enthusiasts with the concept of freeze-dried. They have used stimulating creatives and visuals of coffee beans and ice, to throw light upon CCL’s freeze-dried process where not a single strand of aroma and flavor is lost as the coffee is frozen at super low temperatures to retain its true essence. The experience of tasting the brew and taking in the aroma of their freshly roasted coffee beans is ‘magical’.  

    Continental Freeze Dried is 100% pure in its form, making it one of the best offerings in its category. Its uniqueness lies in the superiority of its top-of-the-line Arabica coffee beans sourced from the finest Indian plantations, made and prepared using CCL’s unique, state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology that carefully preserves all the essential components of the bean to give you a rich, aromatic, and flavorful cup of coffee. 

    Commenting on their first national TVC, Preetam Patnaik – Head of Consumer MarketingContinental Coffee says“CCL is a renowned brand and beloved by consumers in the southern parts of India. We prioritize innovation and quality which can be distinctly seen through our product range. With Continental Freeze Dried, we wanted to reward the coffee connoisseurs in India by offering them a flavorful, aromatic cup of instant coffee. Our goal is to create awareness about our brand at a national level through our first national television commercial for our premium instant coffee brand, Continental Freeze Dried – a 100% pure freeze-dried coffee with a taste that appeals to coffee lovers. The focus of our TVC is not only to showcase the freshness of Continental Freeze Dried to a national audience but also to drive awareness on the concept of freeze-dried coffees and how it is the freshest form amongst instant coffees. We hope to strike impact for CCL in our TVC by highlighting the uniqueness of freeze-dried instant coffee and thus stand out in the competitive landscape of the coffee industry.” 

    Please find below the link to CCL’s first national TVC: 

    TVC Credits 

    Creative Agency: Janrise 

    Production Co: Janrise

    About Continental Coffee: 

    Continental Coffee (CCL Products India Ltd.) is a leading Indian coffee company in the global coffee market successfully operating businesses in Coffee Exports, Private Label Manufacturing and Continental Coffee branded coffees. Established in 1994 on a modest scale with a just one coffee blend, one factory in Duggirala, Andhra Pradesh and exporting to one country, CCL has grown to become a leader in the industry globally offering more than 1000 finest quality coffee blends, manufactured across four state-of-the-art facilities (India, Vietnam & Switzerland) to customers across 90 countries. CCL coffee is customized to suit different palates and cater to the diverse needs of customers around the world leading to them become manufacturers for top players private label brands in India and globally. They are the largest instant coffee manufacturer in India and one of the largest instant coffee manufacturers in the world. Almost 1000 cups of CCL coffee are consumed every second across the globe. 

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