India’s Best Dancer’ finalists Shweta Warrier and Subhranil Paul turn choreographers for Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Super Dancer – Chapter 4’

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Over the years, Sony Entertainment Television has not just found fresh singing and dancing talent from different nooks and corners of the country through its hit reality shows, but has also nurtured and encouraged them to take their passion forward. Roping in “India’s Best Dancer” finalists Shweta Warrier and Subhranil Paul as choreographers for “Super Dancer – Chapter 4” is the latest example in the channel’s pursuit.

Both Shweta and Subhranil proved their mettle on the dance floor with their impeccable skills in the last season of ‘India’s Best Dancer’, which saw Ajay Singh aka Tiger Pop take home the winner’s trophy. But they were definitely noticed for having their unique styles and knack for improvising with each performance. 

Shweta, the only girl in the Top 5 Finalists of ‘India’s Best Dancer’, has an expertise in Indian classical dance. She has created a new dance form called Street-O-Classical fusing Bharatnatyam and Hip Hop. She is known for her energy, being unique and not following the trend. Shweta is excited about joining ‘Super Dancer: Chapter 4’ as a choreographer. She says, “I am so grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for giving me this opportunity to up my game in the industry, and graduate from being a dancer to a choreographer. I will make sure to give my best shot to ‘Super Dancer – Chapter 4’ and bring something new to the table. I will ensure that I help enhance the skills of whichever contestant I team up with.

” Subhranil, who comes from Siliguri, made his mark with the lyrical dance form on ‘India’s Best Dancer’, and is known for his hold in the way he emotes and expresses musicality. Stoked about taking on a new challenge with ‘Super Dancer – Chapter 4’, he says, “I always thought reality show contestants are left to fend for themselves and struggle their way in the competitive industry. But Sony Entertainment Television has really changed my perspective by taking the initiative to get us more work. It is indeed very heartening. I’m also super excited about working with the little super dancers on the show, and hope to influence the next generation of dancers in a good way. Just the way my mentor Pankaj Thapa encouraged me in the right way, who is also part of the choreographers crew in Super Dancer – Chapter 4, I will give my best to mentor the contestant I will be pairing up. This is not only a dream come true for me, but an honour to be sharing the same panel as my mentor Pankaj, who has guided me in my journey.”  

Tune in to watch the outstanding performances of the top contestants and their choreographers, on ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ every Saturday & Sunday at 8.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.