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    Indians believe in ‘resolutions’ to enrich relationship: Survey

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    New Delhi, Jan 13 (IANS) Spending time with partners has topped New Year’s resolutions list, reveals a survey.

    A survey was conducted by matchmaking portal to understand the mindset of unmarried Indians and their views involving relationships and marriage. The online poll received over 16,500 responses from unmarried men and women, aged between 25 and 34 years.
    When men and women were asked if they believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, 42.5 percent said “Yes, if it involves spending more time with your partner”, 33.9 percent said “No, Resolutions never work out”.
    While 23.6 percent said “Maybe, if it’s about getting rid of bad habits”.
    When 7,547 women were asked if they would support their partner’s New Year’s resolution, 59.4 percent said “Yes”, 13.1 percent said “No” and 27.5 percent said “It depends”.
    When the participating women were asked about their own resolutions, 38.1 percent said: “Would try to spend less time on social media and more time with their partner”, while 28.5 percent said: “Would plan to travel more often with their partner”, followed by 33.4 percent who said: “Would try to exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle”.
    When 9,025 Indian men were asked if they would support their partner’s New Year’s resolution, 64.1 percent said: “Yes”, 17.3 percent said: “No” and 18.6 percent said “It depends”.
    When these men were asked about their own resolutions, 42.7 percent said: “Would try to maintain a balance between their partner and favourite sports”, followed by 36.4 percent who said: “Would try not to binge sleep on holidays and actively make plans with their partner”.
    While 20.9 percent said: “Would learn to cook new dishes”.
    “This is an interesting insight into how there is a shift in the way people are thinking. The latest trend shows that people are not taking individual decisions, but as a couple,” CEO Gourav Rakshit said in a statement.

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