Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Is Love an Elixir ? makes a beginning today answering this question


    Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is a form of Elixir that immortalizes the one who drinks it. Love is of many forms, not just between two people, for it is directly linked to the expression of God from within oneself. It’s an impalpable gesture as well as a tangible embrace. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by happy souls around the world whether they know about a victorious saint, Valentine and his miraculous acts!

    Most of the Roman emperors were said to be ruthless tyrants, such was Claudius II. In order to build a strong army, he thought of banishing his soldiers from loving a woman. If anyone found unlawful has been severely persecuted. A Saint by name of Valentine, lived in that kingdom, was deeply concerned with such violent law. He helped the roman soldiers who’re in love, to be united with their partner, in secret. This went for a long time; however, it reached the court of the emperor that he imprisoned Valentine for disobeying the law and decided to kill him.

    During his stay in prison, the jailer’s daughter, who’s blind by birth, met Valentine often. Being a saint, Valentine focussed on God and healed that woman from blindness. Valentine wrote a letter to that woman on the Day of his Sentence, he signed it as: From your Valentine! Thus, Valentine’s powerful deed echoed around the world and in 1537 AD, The English King Henry VII announced this day as Valentine’s Day, where a master stood as the true ideal of Love! As the red roses are said to be dear to the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus, people embellish this day with those fragrant flowers. Even in our Indian culture, there are many reasons and ideals to celebrate love, be it Sita and Ram, Radha and Krishna or Nala and Damayanthi.

    – Viswanath Dasari   

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