“I would always scare my dress’ team that I’m going to go home with their clothes” – Taha Shah Badussha

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The ALTBalaji psycho-thriller Bekaaboo 2 has been a massive success, receiving a ton of appreciation and accolades from both fans and critics. The psycho-thriller’s second season has been receiving a lot of love even before its launch. The show’s success can be attributed to the fabulous acting, the mind-blowing visuals, the stunts, and the brilliant, twisted plot. Taha Shah Badussha, one of the lead actors in the series, has been winning hearts and sweeping the ladies off their feet with his portrayal of the character Novin in the show.

Taha Shah Badussha is always an entertainer. He finds humour in the most unlikely situations. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, he finds ways to make himself and the people around him laugh. It truly is an achievement. Taha Shah Badussha plays the role of Novin in the ALTBalaji series Bekaaboo 2. Novin is a video game reviewer by profession, a thrill-seeking individual who lives life in the grey. Taha Shah Badussha shares a laugh with the team of Bekaaboo 2 in almost every situation. One of the most fun things he has done on set is to scare the stylists and the dress’ team, threatening to take the costumes home. His laughter and his sense of humour genuinely are infectious.

“The outfits in the series from start to end were to die for. It was like a fashionista’s paradise. I was always thrilled to be trying on the different costumes and working with the stylists. They were enthusiastic and fun to be around, which allowed me to pull their legs a bit. I would always scare them saying that I would run away home with their costumes.” – Taha Shah Badussha, Actor

The ALTBalaji psycho-thriller, Bekaaboo 2, is a revenge saga unlike any other. The second season picks up after Anaysha’s book’s overnight success. Pride, jealousy, and insecurity creep in, causing her to indulge in unethical means to stay at the top. Greed and ambition also caused her to destroy her ex-boyfriend’s life and career, unleashing the full force of his wrath, which puts her in harm’s way very often.

The cast consists of Subha Rajput, Taher Shabbir, Priya Banerjee, Taha Shah Badussha, Poulomi Das, Tusharr Khanna, Smaran Sahu, and various other well-known faces.

The series has been widely acclaimed for the acting and its content. Make sure you do not miss it. Head to the ALTBalaji app NOW