Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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    Hussain Ajani’s latest release I Really Like You by Ayaz Ismail and Vibha Saraf becomes one of the top Independent Streamed songs.

    The Dallas-based producer and influencer, Hussain Ajani’s latest release in association with Music composer and singer Ayaz Ismail is blowing up on the independent charts, with thousands of streams in very few days. The song is sung by Vibha Saraf who shot to fame with her song Dilbaro from the movie Raazi starring Alia Bhatt. Apart from this she also sang one song for the movie Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh. Whereas Ayaz had shot to fame with his independent song Dil Ki Shikayat sung by Mohit Chauhan and written by the Netflix series Bulbul’s director Anvita Dutt.

    Hussain has been hitting a home run after home run since his first independent release last year during the coronavirus pandemic. He has only grown by leaps and bounds, one success after another. We spoke to Hussain about his collaboration with the artists, he tells us “The song that has a happy mood, a college romance, had me intrigued on principle, I was part of all the major sessions that had taken place, and what a fine product this turned out to be, Ayaz is like my brother and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” He sings the song for us “Deli-cate mera dil, Deli-cate si tu bhi, Naazuk sa ye lamha, socha hai kya tuney kabhi!”

     We asked Ayaz Ismail, about how he felt now, post-release since the song is gaining so much popularity, Ayaz says “I am super happy from the response, in fact, I am little surprised too as the genre was a mix of RnB and Pop settling in the Indian market – that too a mix of Hindi and English. I know English music is super popular in India and of course everywhere in the world, but when using Hindi and English words together there is a feeling of uncertainty- whether people will accept it. Hence, I am amazed and humbled by the response”

    We also spoke to Vibha to take her about the lyrics she has written, she says “I think it was a simplistic composition plus I hadn’t attempted this genre before. Plus I also had an additional role to play here, giving Ayaz’s composition a lyrical direction” we also asked her if it is a little tough to record while the music composer is not physically present during the vocals recordings (as Ayaz is in the USA), she tells us “Yes, of course, being in the same studio does really help, but I guess working from home during covid with our home studio gear and even otherwise, with least supervision on client deliverables – is great learning in itself as well. We recorded it across the seven seas and in different timezones”

    I Really Like You is available across all digital music platforms and was released on April 28, 2021.

    Link to the song: https://open.spotify.com/track/6YfT5ZwzjDxiphYkETeNsF.

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