Thursday, January 20, 2022

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    Hilton Mumbai International Airport embraces the upcoming festive season by hosting their annual Cake-Mixing Ceremony

    : Hilton Mumbai International Airport, known for its grandeur and unique events, held its cake mixing ceremony event this week. The luxury hotels’ traditional affair which takes place annually, was carried out in a grandiose manner while following social distancing and safety protocols.

    The festivity was aptly decorated for the joyous occasion. Held at the Brasserie Grill, an outdoor poolside resto-bar surrounded by the enticing and luxurious interior of Hilton, the venue adorned stalls and tables which held the required ingredients for the ceremony. These included dry fruits, berries, fruits and nuts, which would be submerged in alcohol and put aside for preparations. 

    The cake-mixing ceremony is an age-old tradition wherein vast quantities of plum cake ingredients are hand-mixed ahead of time. An amalgamation of assorted fruits, berries, dry fruits, and nuts are doused in a variety of alcoholic drinks such as rum and wine and are further stored in wooden barrels for a duration of 7 to 8 weeks. The fermented ready mixture is then added to the other cake ingredients. 
     The festive spirit was further celebrated by an open-mic karaoke session where youngsters sang Christmas carols and launched the Christmas fiesta at Hilton Mumbai International Airport.

    The pre-lunch celebration was attended by numerous renowned guests, magazine editors, and talented influencers including Ritika Khatnani who is Miss Diva Supernatural, 2021. The attendees donned on pristine white aprons and chef hats for the event, and worked alongside the entire hotel staff, as they inaugurated the upcoming festive season for the year. 

    The joyous occasion was followed by an enticing lunch including an array of cuisines ranging from continental to Indian menus. The delectable palette was specially curated for the esteemed guests who indulged in the mouth-watering feast while an open bar serving exotic cocktails and mocktails accompanied the luncheon. With a fanfare of grand happenings and bringing people together to celebrate festivities, Hilton embraces the upcoming Winter season with warm bearings.

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