Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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    Here’s some great news for all finance enthusiasts out there…The 9th edition of BIFO – BSE Institute Ltd’s highly anticipated Finance Olympiad is back

    : If you have a knack for finance and terms such as stock markets, economy, trading excites you, BIFO is the arena for you! Compete against the country’s budding financial minds. The BSE International Financial Olympiad (BIFO) is a nationally recognized, innovative, and instructive financial quiz tournament that aims to raise financial literacy among students. This intriguing contest assists students in understanding more about the financial world through exploration, discovery, and learning, as well as developing analytical and problem-solving skills that will be useful in their future careers. BIFO’s goal is to promote commerce and financial development, as well as its application amongst youths.

    The Olympiad is organized, understanding the need for financial education and ‘money literacy’. With the help of financial education, the current generation of children will contend with many monetary issues that their parents and grandparents did not have to face, from sky-high college costs early in adulthood to bankrolling their own retirement later on. The Olympiad will prepare the children not only for the current task but will motivate them to know more about how to be a more financially responsible individuals and a citizen. The rewards are life-altering: living within their means, free from the anxieties of debt, and secure in their future.

    Mr. Ambarish Datta, MD & CEO of BSE Institute Ltd, highlighted the significance of the event by adding, “We strongly believe that children of today are tomorrow’s investors and financial wizards. A good financial education is the key to a secure and independent future. To support this belief, we have been using an innovative approach to help school children develop financial skills by holding an international school level financial Olympiad for kids in high school. I would like to invite and encourage all eligible school children to take part in this interesting competition.”

    Students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 from any discipline are invited to attend and learn money management skills that will benefit their job prospects greatly. This three-staged Olympiad offers a wide range of prizes and accolades

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