Monday, January 17, 2022

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    Gul Panag takes stand for winter-related hardships of underprivileged kids, urges others to do their bit

    Known as an actress, entrepreneur, pilot, Gul is also a true humanitarian at heart who supports   social causes close to her heart. Gul is using her platform to speak about winter-related hardships faced by underprivileged kids due to lack of adequate winter wear.  The actress was in Delhi to distribute new sweaters to underprivileged kids. She also shared pictures of this visit on her Instagram page.

    Gul has collaborated with Liquid detergent brand Godrej Ezee for ‘Ezee Hugs’, a social campaign that aims to provide warmth to underprivileged children during harsh winters by distributing free sweaters.

    Gul agrees that winter-related hardship of kids hardly gets attention. Highlighting the issue, she said,

    “For someone who has lived in North India, winter-related hardships faced by underprivileged kids is something not many talk about or even acknowledge. From health impact to school attendance, the impact of cold weather on kids with no proper woolen wear is significant.  Yet, there are fewer initiatives or people talking about it. Ezee Hugs is one such initiative that has stood strong and made people aware of this issue for over 10 years now. This is why I chose to partner with Godrej Ezee so that we can reach out to more people and ensure no underprivileged kid has to be without woolens.

    The fitness icon also admitted that she wears up to three layers of sweaters during this time of the year. She added “I have fond memories of winter, cozying up and enjoying the cold with my friends and family. I myself wear up to three layers of sweaters during this time of the year. At the same time, I realize that this is a privilege that not many of us have. I’m honored to associate with Godrej Ezee for such a thoughtful initiative. I would like to encourage people to donate as much as they can and help the children”

    Her social and political activism has had her being recognized as one of the most influential voices on social media and a youth icon. Gul also runs an NGO named after her grandfather – Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation, which works in the area of education, disaster relief and gender equality.  Gul will support the cause and spread awareness amongst public. While Ezee Hugs urges people to donate sweaters themselves amongst underprivileged kids, Ezee and Gul will jointly distribute more than 4000 sweaters across North India.

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