Eerie similarity between Mumbai, Paris: Pakistani daily

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Islamabad, Nov 15 (IANS) A Pakistani newspaper said on Sunday that there were “eerie similarities” between the Mumbai, Peshawar and Paris terror attacks.

And this proves that “radicalized militants view everyone as an enemy – Muslims, Christians, Hindus, non-believers, everyone”, the Dawn said in an editorial.
“Just as Al Qaeda killed indiscriminately, so does IS (Islamic State),” it added.
“The sheer terror of the Paris attacks is difficult to comprehend,” the Dawn said, about the Friday night carnage in Paris that has left some 130 people dead and more than 300 injured.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the mass killings and vowed to unleash more mayhem.
“Like the Mumbai attacks and the Peshawar school tragedy, there are some crimes that numb the mind for their monstrousness.”
Terrorists sneaked into Mumbai from Pakistan and slaughtered 166 Indians and foreigners in November 2008. And over 140 people, mostly school students, were massacred by terrorists in a Peshawar school in December 2014.
The Dawn said that while 9/11 was the turning point in the fight against Al Qaeda. “Paris may well prove to be the turning point in the fight against the militant group calling itself the Islamic State”.
“Al Qaeda was a threat to the civilised world, as is IS now,” it added.
The editorial said that each and every Muslim-majority country appeared to have some reason or the other to not provide leadership in the fight against terrorism.
This despite the fact that “Islamist militancy is perhaps a greater threat to the Muslim world than to the non-Muslim world”, it added.
In another editorial, The News International said: “The Paris attack promises to be the start of another phase of the global war on terror.”


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