Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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    Don’t You Dare: Sania Rawani sets an example for global performers with her new song

    Music takes you places, and artists travel the world with their art to perform and entertain the audience. Singer Sania Rawani presents her latest song Don’t You Dare that has a powerful message for the artists across the globe, especially women performers. The song is an upbeat number that features Sania along with the famous Earl Edgar.

    The song is inspired from Sania’s first hand experience that opened her eyes to the way women are looked at and treated in the industry. A global performer and entertainer, Sania recalls an incident that took place in South Africa. She was performing on stage when the client took out his revolver and started dancing with it. Sania stopped the performance immediately and left the stage refusing to accept such disrespectful behaviour.

    “We should put our foot down and walk with dignity, we are performers. I was happy to put my thoughts with Saaveri Verma who wrote the lyrics. The music is given by Rimi Dhar and the song features famous music producer and rapper Earl Edgar,” Sania beams.

    “Sania is a ferocious person who wouldn’t take or be taken for granted,” says Earl Edgar, who’s famous for songs like You’re my love (Partner), Golmaal among many others.

    Through her music, Sania Rawani wishes to empower women. Coming from a tough background, at times, Sania had to sing in the hotels, too, not out of choice. In her early days of struggle, she travelled with orchestras to make ends meet. Known for her songs Sandali Sandali, Kabhi Toh Achanak, Piya Tose & Mann Kyun Behka, with little training, her career took off and she started performing abroad. Invited to Kenya & New Jersey by the foreign Embassy she performed in 15th August Independence day Yet she stuck to her roots and remained grounded to her true self and her love for music.

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